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A skilled team of translators can bring your message to a whole new population of people in the world, whether you have a website, marketing materials, scholarly paper, or book-length word to share. The ability to offer your texts in Japanese makes your ideas accessible for millions of people throughout Japan. Our professional team can provide you with crystal clear translation from English to Japanese, creating new opportunities for you to spread your ideas.

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Japanese Speaking World

Japanese-Speaking World

The majority of Japanese-speaking people live in Japan, although there are a large number of Japanese immigrants living in Brazil, the United States (particularly Hawaii), Peru, Argentina, Australia, Canada (particularly in Vancouver), and the Philippines.

Japanese first appears in written form in the 8th century, although Modern Japanese is considered to have begun around 1600. Although Japanese and Chinese are distinct languages, Japanese has borrowed a large portion of its writing system from Chinese.

About Japanese language

In Japanese, word order in a sentence is subject-object-verb and the language doesn’t use gender or articles. Verbs are conjugated but do not posses different forms for who is doing the action. Instead, Japanese uses a system to express politeness and formality at differing levels. Social position of a person consists of what kind of job they have, how old they are, or how much experience they have at something. This is considered the adult way of speaking.

One example of when a person might speak more humbly is when talking about themselves or their family. However, when someone is speaking to a superior at work or someone they wish to be respectful to, they will add honorifics to communicate that. Our Japanese translation service brings your ideas to a brand new market of people throughout Japan and in other parts of the world. Our professional team can help you open the door to a world of new possibility with Japanese translation.

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