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Wordemy works closely with thousands of native and professional translators all over the world to offer a seamless translation job management for both the translator and customer. Whether it’s a translation job for English, Spanish, German, Chinese, or any language you are seeking to translate, our large community of translator will be able to support your translation job designed for all purposes.

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The Wordemy Difference

Professional Translator

At Wordemy, we emphasise on providing the best quality translation service by constantly auditing all our translator's works.

Translate in 3 hours!

Looking for a fast translation service? You have come to the right place! Using the state of art technology, we are able to translate within hours.

From $0.06 Per WOrd

Wordemy has one of the best translation rates in the market. From a flat fee of $0.06 fee per word, get quality works at great value.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

With our powerful job management system, negotiation and revisions with the translator are made possible. Rest assure that you will be satisfied with the completed job!

Fast Translation Pricing

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per word
At $0.06 per word, rest assure that you are only working with qualified native translator that passed our translation test. Wordemy is constantly reviewing translated jobs to ensure that all translators are at their best performance.

per word
Only translators who had passed a series of translation tests and have completed a quantifiable number of translation job with Wordemy. With a fee of $0.12 per word, rest assure that you are only working with one of the best translator.