Importance of Language Translation

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Importance of Language Translation

Language translation is a vital cog in today’s globalized world. It allows people from all corners of the world to be linked and to share information. From the United Nations General assembly to the good old traveling, having a translator is essential for communication. Human translators are nowadays available in almost all the languages in the world offering translations services across different sectors.

Translation can be defined as the process of changing a phrase or text into another word while retaining the same meaning. Due to the complexities of grammar and the ease with which context meanings can be lost, translation has become a major branch of learning. The word for word translation although effective for simple communication purposes is not ideal for dialogues that offer important information. These include sectors such as law, medicine, education, business, and religion. In this sectors, the contextual placing of a word is more effective than the direct translation. It takes experienced and well-trained translators to relay the intended message correctly and using the right tone.

Although the English language is spreading widely across the globe, the relevance of culture and regional languages is still prevalent. To link the gaps in communication, translation services exist. Apart from speech, there is a multitude of other translation services. These include:

Document translation

This can either be written or digital documents and are mostly done for businesses or research purposes. These type of documents include employee manuals, market research documents, legal contracts, sales and accounting reports, bank statements, employee manuals and basically any other written document depending on the specialty of the translation service used.

Website localization

Website localization or website translation is the process of translating or adapting the content in a website to a target audience. It involves more than the simple translation of text but also the linguistics and culture of the target market. The translation must respect the preferences of the local region in content and design while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the original content. Currently, more than a third of the global internet users are not conversant with the English language and through translation services, websites can be accessed by a wide audience globally.

Sign Language translation

Sign language relies on sign patterns such as arm movement, body language, and orientation to facilitate communication between two or more people. Translators have to have a deep knowledge of the American Sign Language (ASL) and also how both grammar and contextual meaning are constructed. With time, the importance of language translation and by default that of language translators is coming to the fore.

Places where translation has been essential include:

Accuracy in Global news transfer

Accurate translation of news helps prevent the distortion of news. Translation helps keep the integrity of the information.

Day to day functioning of multinationals

Multinational companies or non-governmental institutions have multiple branches in different locations around the world. They send and receive information from locations with different languages and cultures. This necessitates the use of translation services to help localize or adapt this information. As a result, these companies are able to expand and reach a wider market base. Before choosing a translation service, it is advisable to consider the company’s specialty. This allows for the selection of the most suitable service.

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