Why work for Wordemy?


Earn attractive commisions - Up to $0.10 per word!


Our translators simply work anywhere they feel like it. All they need will be a computer!


We know funds are important to you which is why we are paying out within 1-3 working days!


On average, our good writers earn up to $3000 per month on completing regular translation jobs!


Our translators receive many different types of jobs requests each day. Never get bored out of it!


Unlike many freelancers portal, we only require a minimum withdrawal of $30!

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Why should I become a Wordemist?

Wordemist in short is what we call our translators in Wordemy. At Wordemy, we pride ourselves to take good care of all our translators, ensuring that each and every one of our translators are treated fairly. Our top translators enjoys good remunerations due to the fact that our state of art technology jobs management system is one of it’s best in the translation industry. We receive plenty of jobs each day and rest assure to find something suitable for you.

Tips: Always check out your emails for new jobs and grab the jobs as fast as you can! It’s running on first come first serve basis.

What types of translators do you accept?

We basically welcome translators that are able to write native or professional writing well. All writers will undergo a writing test upon application to ensure no translation scripts are used – a.k.a Google Translator. As we pride ourselves to take good care of our translators, we will also need to take care of our clients who have entrusted us with the translation jobs. This is why we need genuine and sincere translators!

Can I use Google Translator or other translation tool to help in my jobs?

This is a BIG No! Our client entrusted us with professional translation jobs. Google Translators and other tools gives gibberish translation which doesn’t make sense. Our project managers will constantly review translations produced by our translator. Any translator found using translation tools will have their account terminated permanently.

How much will I get paid for each translation job?

Our fees varies dependant on customer’s selection quality and the number of words. More experience translators command a higher payout. However rest assure that fees are clearly visible during job offer.

How will I get paid?

All translators are paid via Paypal and the minimum withdrawal amount is set at $30. Upon withdrawal request, you will receive your payout within 3 working days. However in most of the instances, you will receive your payout within a day!

How will I be graded as a Standard or Business Translator?

Our project managers uses internal and client rating systems in a controlled environment to review each and every of the translator’s performance. Upon completion of the translation job, our customers will be prompted to grade the quality of translation and results will be part of grading process. You will receive a “Position Upgrade” email when we have identified that you are suitable as a Business Translator, which will then command you a higher payout!

How long will I have to complete the job that is assigned to me?

We highly recommend you to complete the job within 2-4 working hours. As completion speed is part of the translator’s grading programme, constant fast completion of jobs will help in earlier promotions. Our advice is that if you are not free to take up the job, don’t accept the job offer and let our other translator handle it. If we notice a translator is frequently late on his delivery of translation job, our project manager may temporary suspend the account.

What happen if I really cannot complete within the deadline due to personal reasons?

In such cases, we highly recommend you to cancel the job. Our system will be allocated to a new translator. However cancellation of job will also be a grading component of the Translator’s Grading Programme.

What if a client is not happy with my translation job?

Once a job order is completed, the customers will have an option to request a correction. As a Wordemist, it’s your role to assist with the correction of the translation job based on client’s request. However if you feel that the client is being unreasonable, contact us an we will assign our project manager to resolve the conflict.