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A good translation service brings your message to an entirely new market, whether it’s your website, marketing materials, scholarly papers or book-length work. Being able to offer Spanish language options adds accessibility to your ideas for millions of people worldwide. Our expert team of translators can quickly and effectively translate your ideas from English to Spanish, opening doors to many new possibilities for marketing,sales, and spreading ideas in general.

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Spanish-Speaking Countries

Although Spanish-speaking people live throughout the world and the language originated in Spain, the largest concentration of the language is found in South and Central America, throughout Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Perú, Chile, Guatemala, Ecuador, Cuba, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Panama. Thirty one million people in the United States speak Spanish. Spanish is the most popular second language learned in the US and in the UK.

About Spanish language

The Spanish language was first written in what is now Toledo, Spain in the 13th century. As Spanish explorers took to the new continent in the 16th century, the language was spread through the Americas during colonization.

Spanish is a Romance language with a two-gender noun system and boasts about fifty forms of conjugation for every verb. Like most Romance languages, Spanish is right-branching (meaning that modifying words are placed after their head words, unlike English). This means that adjectives are usually placed after nouns. In English you would say, “the red cat.” In Spanish, that phrase would be reordered as “the cat red.” Verbs and adverbs are treated the same way, except in some forms of conjugation where the inflection of the speaker or punctuation of the text signal the verb form.

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