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Our team translates your work as a whole, understanding that a line by line approach misses the point of successful translation. The ideas and tone of your work mean as much as the words you choose to express them. When you choose a non-professional or do it yourself translation service, the ideas and tone can be quickly lost from a computer’s inability to understand the underlying theme and context.

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The French-Speaking World

Twenty nine countries have adopted French as an official language, particularly in France, parts of Canada, and the Netherlands. French is widely used in sub-Saharan Africa as well, such as Gabon, Algeria, Senegal and the Ivory Coast. Approximately 2 million people in the United States speak some degree of French.

French is an official language of the UN, EU, NATO, WTO and the ICRC. Twelve percent of the European Union speaks French. Throughout Africa, around 115 million people speak French as either a native language or a second language. Reports estimate that by the year 2050 there will be 650 to 700 million French speaking people worldwide.

French language

French is a Romance language and uses a word order of subject-verb-object. This isn’t always the case, and when it does not occur the inflection of the speaker or punctuation of the sentence determines the meaning. About twelve percent of French words are borrowed from another language, plus a very large number of words that are derived from a foreign language.

French is considered one of the world’s most influential languages, particularly in the fields of law and business. Particularly in the UK, business owners consider French to be an valuable skill and seek to hire people who are able to speak it. Having your ideas professionally translated into French can be a substantial way to market yourself or your product throughout Europe and Africa.

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