Translator Influence on Global audience


Translator Influence on Global audience

A translator is a person who professionally interprets one language to another. In our day to day lives, we meet people who do not speak the same language as us, yet we are forced by globalization to conduct business with them. This can be on a face to face basis, over telephone calls, or even through the internet. Throughout all these different situations, we need interpreters to ensure we are well understood in order for our businesses to thrive.


Interpreters, therefore, play key roles in our lives, more so through the internet. Below are some of the key reasons as to why interpretations are important to us on a global scale;


Allow for consistency

Think of the UN conferences where different languages are spoken and yet, each member need to understand the other. In such times of peace and war, interpreters play key roles in ensuring words spoken in one language are clearly understood in another to ensure constituency in communication


Wider Audience

In case scenarios where an end product is made for a larger market, translators ensure different regions understand what the product is all about ensuring a larger market scope for the seller.


Understanding Cultural Identities

Stories such as those written by Shakespeare broaden our thinking of the English as we get to understand a part of them. The Quran translated into English has greatly reduced on many religious hate crimes and translation of African history to English has helped us understand various cultures. Translators are the link through which society remains united.


Accepts diversity

By having translators to ensure different languages have consistency in interpretation, we become more welcoming of different cultures and languages. This, therefore, promotes diversity and ensures everyone feels as an equal member of society.


Promotes Travel and Tourism

Translators promote globalization and tourism. One can buy a book translating any language to their native language which allows one to explore different parts of the world. This promotes globalization and acceptance of our differences.


Allows for specialization

One of the key benefactors of translators is Google. The company allows for translation of any text into the user’s native language. This allows for a wider market reach. Through this, companies have the opportunity to specialize on their factors as they have a larger market share on which to sell their products and services.


Internet Commerce

The art of translation has opened many channels of employment to many. From language translators to coders and decoders, translation has allowed for the continued flow of business for the translator, buyer, and the seller.


In conclusion, translators play a key role in our society to ensure that we all understand one another and can communicate freely with one another. This has helped make the world a global village and in turn, has improved our ways of living.

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