Top 20 most translated languages

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Top 20 most translated languages

As a matter of fact languages do have some words that are shared. The following are some of the top 20 languages that are translated. When translating, it is logical that a professional translator will be needed, or an online program for that matter.


Chinese: this language is spoken by 1197 million people. Though it is known as Chinese, it is comprised of a dozen of dialects. The main dialect that is spoken and translated is the Mandarin that more than 848 million native speakers.


Spanish: this is a language that is spoken by approximately 399 million people, most of them living in Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, and Colombia.


English: it is the common language that is spoken by more than 335 million natives. Most nations use it as it as the first language or the second official language. This is the language that most documents are translated into.


Hindi: it is a language that is mainly spoken in India and Nepal. There are like 260 million native speakers.


Arabic: it is also considered to be a macrolanguage just as Chinese. More than 242 million people are natives, and is spoken in more than 60 countries.


Portuguese: this is a language that is spoken by more than 203 million native speakers. Most of the people are found in Brazil.


Bengali: it is widely spoken in Bangladesh, and comes as the second language after Hindu in India. More than 189 million natives speak it.


Russian: this language is widely spoken in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Uzbekistan. More than 166 million people speak it.


Japanese: this language is spoken by more than 128 million native speakers. It is rated as the 9th most spoken language in the universe.


Swahili: this is a language that is spoken in the East Africa. It has more than 100 million speakers


Lahnda: natives who speak this language are from Pakistan, and they amount to 89 million.


Other most translated languages include: Javanese, German, Korean, French, Telegu, Marathi, Turkish, Tamil, Vietnamese, and Urdu.

All these languages can be translated by people easily and who are in the human translation service.

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